Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Khurasan Space Demon Shockforce Troopers with Bio Rifles

Merry Christmas!  This blog has been dormant for awhile, but my painting has continued these past months.  It is now time to showcase what has been accomplished.  First up: Khurasan Space Demon Shockforce Troopers.

I have had these guys for awhile now.  I held off in painting them due to not knowing what I wanted them to look like.  I did not want to paint them the same color scheme as my regular Space Demons (they have changed recently, which I will detail below).  So, lacking creative spirit I painted them in the scheme on the Khurasan web site.  I felt that the two colors (black and yellow) would contrast nicely on the tabletop and quite frankly I was tired of seeing them on my WIP painting queue. 

The scheme is as follows:

Primer: white
Basecoat: Vallejo Model Air Ivory Sand (airbrushed)
Whole model washed in GW Sepia ink.
Bio-rifles washed in GW Fleshtone ink.
Head/tail washed in Army Painter Strong Tone, GW Black and Vallejo Grey Wash.
Skin highlighted again with Ivory Sand.
Teeth done in Reaper Splintered Bone.

Khurasan Space Demon Shockforce Troopers

These boys will be part of a special Alien Enslaver army for Alien Squad Leader.  More on that later.

Just prior to completing the Shocktroopers I decided to redo by whole Space Demon force.  I recently acquired a bottle of Army Painter Dark Tone ink (not the dip).  I did a test of this product on some other miniatures and I really liked the effect.  It is not as dark as the GW black ink, which is what I wanted.  So, I took the plunge and washed my entire force in this magical fluid.  The demons are a lot darker now (which is what I wanted), but not too dark (which is what I wanted too).

In the near future I will have to assemble the whole horde for a group photo.


  1. I like the look of these, I'm mixing my Khurasan Space Demon types in with other "Alien" types and these will be the cheep cannon fodder troops for my Phalon army. Also going to use the bio-vehicles from RavenStar Studio Horrids from their 15mm Land Core line.
    I'm kind of modeling this force on the 40k Tyranids.

    1. Funny, I am doing sort of the same thing. Mixing them with my Kra'Vak in ASL. They will also form their own Alien Enslaver army as well. Tyranids are cool. Probably my favorite 40K force. How did you paint your Phalons?

    2. Yeah the Tyranids are interesting.Painted them panzer gray base dry brushed off white with a black wash.


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