Sunday, 5 June 2016

Battletech - 2nd Genoysha Reinforcement Wave

This weekend I finished the last of my Battletech mechs for my Draconis Combine Genyosha Regiment.  That regiment now consists of 51 mechs, 20 armored vehicles, 10 infantry platoons, 4 VTOLs and 2 aerospace fighters.  Fat chance I will ever use it all at once.

Anyway, there is not much to say here.  The last 14 mechs were done in my standard Sci-Fi Grey, to match the rest of the regiment.  They consisted of (2) Marauders, Highlander, Flashman, (2) Warhammers, (3) Locusts, Griffin, Crab, Hornet, Panther and Mongoose.  This rounds out my force and provides a rather large selection of mechs to choose from. 

For the most part these were a pain in the ass to assemble.  The Highlander was an absolute nightmare.  13 pieces I do believe.  One could pose the model in just about any pose you wanted, however I spent more time gluing myself together I think.  The Locusts were a pain as well, with separate feet and legs.  The rest were somewhere in the middle between easy and annoying.

With House Kurita done I am very close to finishing my Battletech models sitting on my shelf.  I will now be focusing on finishing off the 20 mechs and 20 vehicles for House Davion.  Once that is complete my Battletech painting days will be over.   


Locust, Light Battlemechs

Warhammer, Heavy Battlemechs

Hornet, Light Battlemech

Mongoose, Light Battlemech

Flashman, Heavy Battlemech

Crab, Medium Battlemech

Griffin, Medium Battlemech

Highlander, Assault Battlemech

Marauder, Heavy Battlemech

Panther, Light Battlemech

Warhammer, Heavy Battlemech


  1. I don't I've ever saw the Crab, Medium Battlemech before....interesting piece.

    1. Its an old Star League design. Not very common. An all energy weapon loadout, designed for raiding. The Combine disdains medium mechs, but I liked this one and they did receive some from Comstar in the early 30s. Normally if I add a mech to my Combine force I add the same one or equivalent mech to my Davion force. Not in this case however.

  2. Nice spread of designs - love the Warhammer and Marauder, two of my favourites!


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