Saturday, 21 May 2016

Critical Mass Games Protolene (Kra'Vak) Assault Suits

Two posts in one day.  Another addition today for my Kra'Vak forces: robotic assault suits.  My Kra'Vak forces needed some large battlesuits, both piloted and robotic.  Protolene Assault Suits by Critical Mass games seemed like a logical choice. 

The models themselves were very basic: a plastic body with choice of weapon arms.  My intention is to use these in Alien Squad Leader, Gruntz and Tomorrow's War, so the choice of weapons was really unimportant to me.  I settled on a mix of arms.

The paint scheme was the same as my other Kra'Vak forces: Sci-Fi Grey, with appropriate cockpit jeweling and metal highlights.  I gave the models targeted washes with Vallejo Grey and Light Grey.  I then used Tamiya pigments for weathering.  I will probably add more of these eventually to my collection, particularly the one with claws.


  1. They fit in quit well! I'm thinking outrageous cammo for my Kra'Vak something purple/red
    as in my view the Kra'Vak are female Predators and see in the inferred spectrum, so their idea of camouflage is somewhat off from our perspective ....)

    1. Thanks Don. I need to branch out and do some new color schemes myself. The last time I did anything outrageous was for my Warhammer Beastmen of Slaanesh. I struggle with colors for alien vehicles. Not sure really what to do with them.


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