Sunday, 20 March 2016

GZG 15mm DPRG Force - Tomorrows War / Gruntz / Alien Squad Leader

I have not painted anything this week.  Too much going on, especially at work.  I have had these boys on my table for over a month, waiting for games which did not happen.  So, before putting them away here they are on parade, the DPRG.

The DPRG (Democratic People's Republic of Glory) are a faction from Ambush Alley's Tomorrows War game (think sci-fi North Korea, except not as nice).  The models are made by Ground Zero Games.  Flash was almost non existent and they all cleaned up rather well.  I flushed out the force with some Khurasan Red Faction infantry, GZG ESU Powered Armor and GZG robotic drones (machine guns and missiles).

The force below is based on 50x50mm bases for Alien Squad Leader.  I use blue tac to attach the individual models, allowing me to use them in a variety of games.  The force contains 12 squads of infantry, two HQ groups, two heavy weapons groups, 2 teams of power armor, four mobile weapons platforms and two groups of robotic infantry.

Not really much else to say other than here they are.

DPRG on Parade

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ESU Power Armor

Onwards, for our Dear Leader!

Heavy Weapons Teams

DPRG Infantry


Khurasan Red Faction Infantry

Robotic Infantry (6mm GZG Dirtside Mechs)

GZG Drone Tanks

DPRG Infantry

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

15mm Khurasan Lhurgg Tribesmen Part 2

Well, I finally got around to finishing the rest of my Khurasan Lhurgg Tribesmen.  I think that I am suffering from burnout.  I took almost four weeks to finish these guys.  It was a lot of effort for me to finish them, working a little bit each night, sometimes stopping for nights on end.  It probably stems from the fact that I have not played a game in years and this stuff just ends up in foam cases, sometimes never to be seen again.  I just wanted them done and off my table.  Anyway, on to the models.

There are five poses in this set.  They are tall and the quality is high, to be expected from Khurasan.  I did them in the same scheme as the first set - Reaper Blond Triad with a wash of Sepia ink.  After the ink dried some highlighting was done over the ink wash to bring out some additional details.  On 15mm, due to the size vs 28mm, if the highlighting looks extreme (compared to 28mm) then it is probably just right. 

Next up on my table is a set of GZG Kra'Vak vehicles.  I have no clue how I am going to paint them.  None.  Once they are complete however my Alien Imperial/Warrior Caste army for Alien Squad Leader will be complete. 

Lhurgg Tribesmen Horde

The five distinct poses.

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