Monday, 29 June 2015

15mm Khurasan Caiman APC

Several months ago I painted one of these babies up, the 15mm version of the Khurasan Caiman APC.  It model required virtually no assembly.  I kept the paint scheme the same as my Khurasan Federal Tanks, a pseudo German Army Grey, quite suitable for my GZG NSL troops.  Like the Federal tanks I avoided applying any washes to this vehicle.  Any shading was done with airbrushing alone.  Not sure if this is achieves the best result or not.  Normally I would gloss coat the vehicle and wash the whole thing in Tudor Min Wax, but for whatever reason I am a little, shall we say, afraid to try it on this vehicle.  Not sure why.

There is little else to say other than I really like this model. 

Sunday, 28 June 2015

15mm Sci Fi Infantry for Gruntz and Tomorrows War

It has been a long time since I uploaded anything on this blog.  To be honest, I have done very little since February.  I have not played any 15mm games in months and it has been well over a year since I played any Warhammer or similar Fantasy game.  My opponent base is currently zero and chances of it increasing any time soon are nil.

In any case, I have not painted anything new in months.  Most of what I have is done and money prevents me from starting any new projects.  However, I have taken some photos of just a small fraction of some of my 15mm Sci Fi troops.  These photos are mainly for the 15mm Gruntz game cards.  So, the photos are not comprehensive nor do they show all the different troop types that I have available.

All of the models are from either Ground Zero Games or Khurasan.

GZG Powered Armor

GZG NAC Infantry

GZG Command Squad

GZG Rotary Cannon Team

GZG USMC Infantry

Khurasan Android Troopers

GZG German Infantry

GZG Combat Drones

GZG Robotic Drones

GZG German Heavy Powered Armor

GZG German Light Powered Armor

GZG Combat Robots

Khurasan Neo-Soviet Infantry

GZG DRPG Infantry
Khurasan Neo Soviet Mortar Team
Khurasan Neo Soviet ATGM Team
GZG Gun Drones
GZG Phalons
GZG DRPG Powered Armor


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