Saturday, 7 February 2015

15mm Khurasan Federal Medium Tank

Another Khurasan showcase, this time their 15mm Federal Medium tanks.  These are very nice models, with little clean up required.  I had these for awhile now and struggled a long time to come up with a paint scheme that I thought would fit with my GZG NSL Infantry.  The only thing I new is that I did not want another green vehicle pool.

I did these up in a German grey scheme to match my European Union forces (known as the Leopard V).  The scheme was simple: airbrushed Tamyia German Grey, followed by Dark Sea Grey, Light Sea Grey and Vallejo Pale Grey Blue.  The only issue I have with them is I seem to have either lost or misplaced the crew hatches for a couple of tanks.  I will have to use some GZG hatches apparently.  They were finished off with some Tamyia weathering pigments.  I may in the future do a couple of Vallejo Dark Grey pin washes, not sure yet.


Thursday, 5 February 2015

Khurasan Soviet BTR-80

If you could not tell, I am a fan of Khurasan models.  Recently I painted up 3 BTR-80s, from their historical Soviet line, planning to use them for my 15mm ESU force.  It is a nice resin kit, with no noticeable defects.

I panted them like my other Neo-Communist vehicles: with the Vallejo Modern Russian Green Color Modulation Kit.  The results matched my other vehicles, so I was pleased.  Some of the brighter green has been toned down.  The color modulation kits come with 5 colors, each getting lighter as one moves through the shades.  The level of brightness depends entirely on how it is airbrushed on.  It can be as dark or light as one likes.  There is no real "correct" result. 

Khurasan makes a sci fi version of the BTR-80, called the BTR-3000.  I have one of these models that I converted slightly into a command vehicle.  It is also a nice model.  However, I chose not to use that for my regular forces due to what I consider a design flaw in the actual model.  Specifically, the BTR-3000 has side doors like the BTR-80, but it also has a large rear door.  This I did not like.  Why?  In the BTR-80 the engine is in the rear of the vehicle since the crew sits so far forward.  This prevents a rear door from being installed as an exit for the passengers and why they use crappy and dangerous side doors.  The BTR-3000 has the same crew layout hatches as the BTR-80, begging the question, "Where is the engine?  There is no room in the front and obviously no room in the back because there is a big door there" 

Don't get me wrong, the BTR-3000 is a nice model, just as nice as the 80.   However, I prefer the BTR-80 for the a) turret design, and, b) there is an actual place for the engine (IRL).

Khurasan Red Faction VTOL Gunships

Behold, the air support for the European Socialist Union, the Hind-M Gunship, courtesy of Khurasan.  This is a nice kit from Khurasan.  The model is armed with chin gun, rocket pods, ATGMs and drop tanks (I didn't fit mine).  They were done in a Vallejo grey with a Tamyia light blue underside. 

This is the first and only model I used Mig oil pigments on.  I am not sure if I am happy with the result.  I have become somewhat proficient with Minwax, but for whatever reason I did not use that product on this model.  Anyway, I guess it turned out ok, but there is just something about them I do  not like, paint-wise. 

As for the model, the only complaint I have is the ATGM pod was a pain to deal with.  It did not come out of the mold well and a lot of filing was necessary to get the smooth lines that you see (I am not happy with the outcome, but at a distance you cannot see the flaws much; I am not the best model assembler).  The mold design for that piece is, well, not good IMO.  It should have been cast as a one piece item rather than a 3 piece.  Also, the model has no hole for a flight base so a drill is necessary if one wishes to have it on one.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Rebel Minis 15mm Earth Force Self Propelled Artillery

Two posts in one day.  Recently I finished 3 Self Propelled Artillery vehicles from Rebel Minis, from their Earth Force line.  I don't have any other Rebel minis products, however these models were quite nice to work with.  Almost no flash or mold lines to speak of. 

My intention is to use these for my European Socialist Union force which is comprised of vehicles from Khurasan, specifically the Red Faction line.  Khurasan does not make a SPA vehicle for that line and these reminded me of modern Russian/Soviet vehicles.  I ran out of the FPG decals for my ESU force so as of right now they are unmarked. 

They were airbrushed in the same scheme as my other Red Faction vehicles, a simple one really.  Then gloss coated, given a light coat of Minwax Tudor, airbrushed again with some highlights and then weathered.  They should fit the bill for Gruntz or as objectives for Tomorrow's War.

15mm Old Crow Gunship and Lander

What is a 15mm sci fi army without air support?  I present my completed 15mm scale Old Crow gunships, assigned to my North American Coalition force.  Like all Old Crow models, the quality is superb.  There was virtually no clean up needed.  There is no hole however on the bottom of the aircraft for a flight stand, thus a power drill is handy.

I slightly modified my two gunships to carry underpylon gatling guns, similar to those carried by the GW 40K Imperial Guard Vulture Gunship.  The barrels are extras from my Old Crow tanks.  I then used some stowage from GZG to create ammo pods and a harness for the gun itself. 

In the future I will probably add force decals to these guys.  But at the moment they have to suffer with what they have.

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