Thursday, 5 February 2015

Khurasan Soviet BTR-80

If you could not tell, I am a fan of Khurasan models.  Recently I painted up 3 BTR-80s, from their historical Soviet line, planning to use them for my 15mm ESU force.  It is a nice resin kit, with no noticeable defects.

I panted them like my other Neo-Communist vehicles: with the Vallejo Modern Russian Green Color Modulation Kit.  The results matched my other vehicles, so I was pleased.  Some of the brighter green has been toned down.  The color modulation kits come with 5 colors, each getting lighter as one moves through the shades.  The level of brightness depends entirely on how it is airbrushed on.  It can be as dark or light as one likes.  There is no real "correct" result. 

Khurasan makes a sci fi version of the BTR-80, called the BTR-3000.  I have one of these models that I converted slightly into a command vehicle.  It is also a nice model.  However, I chose not to use that for my regular forces due to what I consider a design flaw in the actual model.  Specifically, the BTR-3000 has side doors like the BTR-80, but it also has a large rear door.  This I did not like.  Why?  In the BTR-80 the engine is in the rear of the vehicle since the crew sits so far forward.  This prevents a rear door from being installed as an exit for the passengers and why they use crappy and dangerous side doors.  The BTR-3000 has the same crew layout hatches as the BTR-80, begging the question, "Where is the engine?  There is no room in the front and obviously no room in the back because there is a big door there" 

Don't get me wrong, the BTR-3000 is a nice model, just as nice as the 80.   However, I prefer the BTR-80 for the a) turret design, and, b) there is an actual place for the engine (IRL).


  1. I'm just considering what vehicles to buy for my 15mm Neosov army and would love to see pics of your BTR-3000.
    Could the large rear door be a handy engine access hatch for maintenance and easy engine swap outs? :-)

    1. That model is in the entry for my Red Faction vehicles I do believe. I would use the vehicles from Armies Army if it were me. The IFV is dead on to the actual new Russian IFV coming out and the MBT is also very close to the new Armata tank.

  2. You mean these guys?

    They aren't bad to be sure, but nothing screams Soviet to be as those 6-8 wheeled APCs. Maybe I will need a mixed Battlegroup...

    1. Yes, those ones. I like the BTRs as well. However I do like the Armies Army IFV and tank. Those designs were based off the new Russian vehicles coming on line.

      Khurasan makes the best Soviet Cold War models. I did some T-90s as well, they are on the blog somewhere. The T-90 makes an excellent sci-fi tank for 3rd world forces.


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