Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Citadel Realms of Chaos Fiends of Slaanesh

Lets move away from Sci Fi for a second and go back to the beginning for me, Fantasy Wargaming.  I have not played Warhammer Fantasy in well, forever.  However, Fantasy Gaming will probably always be my first love, especially Chaos, specifically Khorne and Slaanesh.

Citadel Realms of Chaos Fiends of Slaanesh
These six bad boys are very old Citadel Fiends of Slaanesh, dating back to the 1980s.  These guys were a lot of fun to paint up.  Each one was done in a different pastel color, representing the different moods of Slaanesh.

"Let me lick you!"

"Come, embrace me!"

"Let me pinch you chubby cheeks!"

Fiends of Slaanesh

What is best in life?  Licking the ass of another Fiend of Slaanesh!

These babies were a blast to paint.  Slaanesh demands vibrant colors, especially when they clash. 


GZG UAV Grav Drones

GZG makes a great line of drones and UAV vehicles.  Last year I picked these guys up, to be used in my Alien Squad Leader game.  I figured they would be used in either my Mechanoid Army or Cyborg Enslaver Army, as floating weapon platforms or as robotic grav tanks/walkers.  I like to keep my options open.

The models are very modular, allowing for multiple weapon options.  I took them a step further and mounted two sets of weapons: plasma and missile pods, in an under and over fashion (normally the weapon is only mounted on the bottom of the model). 

GZG UAV Grav Drones
 Originally I painted these guys in my standard Sci-Fi Grey pattern.  However, this was before I had completed my Cyborg army, which was metallic.  So in the end I decided to repaint them to match the Cyborg Army. 

GZG UAV Grav Drone with Plasma Guns and Rocket Pods
 My standard metallic recipe: NATO Black, Tamiya Metallic Grey (I have recently changed to Vallejo Black Metal), followed by Vallejo Gun Metal and Vallejo Steel, all airbrushed at 45 degree angles.  Sensor eyes are my standard Reaper Fire Red Triad.  The model was washed in limited areas with Vallejo Dark Grey mixed with regular Grey wash.

This conversion was unplanned.  I buggered up this first model and had to put a rail gun on the top and the missiles on the bottom.  I guess he could be an anti armor/aircraft model.

Overall I am happy with the way they turned out.  They fit in perfectly with my Cyborg army and can be used as either heavily armored AI controlled Warbots or lightly armored Floating Weapon Platforms.

15mm Alternative Armies Asgard Space Marines

Another quick paint job I did the other week.  I have a ton of these old 15mm scale Space Marines, form the Asgard miniatures line, available from 15mm UK (now Alternative Armies).  These are very old sculpts, dating from the 1980s.  There are nine sculpts in the range, with three being flying power armor and 6 ground pounders.  Only give of the foot sloggers are shown since the sixth is so badly sculpted that I did not paint them up.  My guess is the mold is very old and in need of replacement.  Overall the sculpts are ok for their age.  Personally I found it hard to discern details on some of the figures.

Asgard Space Marines
 I originally planned to outfit these guys for Alien Squad Leader as an Imperial Strike Force, which is made up 100% of Power Armor troops and vehicles.  However I decided against this and they have sat in a box for ages. 
Full squad of 8 Asgard Space Marines

Anyway, the other week, while cleaning up my WIP area I decided to do something really unoriginal and paint them up as Robots/Cyborgs, simply to get rid of them and onto the table (like that ever happens).  I already have a ton of GZG Robots but these guys looked more like Star Trek Borg than Power Armor to me.  I did not paint up the flying sculpts since I didn't see the need.  Tamiya NATO Black, Metallic Grey and Vallejo Steel (all airbrushed at 45 degree angles to simulate a shading effect) were the only paints used, followed up by Army Painter Dark Tone Dip.  Reaper Fire Red/Phoenix Red/Fire Orange/White were used for the visors with the weapons being painted black..
It is certainly not the most original paint job but now I have another choice for Cyborgs other than my GZG Robots. 

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Rebel Minis 15mm Martian Tripods

Greetings.  It has been awhile since I have picked up a paint brush; several months at any rate.  I seem to go through painting spasms: I paint a huge amount of material then take a long break for up to 10 months.  Probably not the best thing for my painting skill level.  At any rate, there is some new material for me to post: 15mm Rebel Minis Martian Tripods. 

These guys have been sitting on my WIP shelf for almost one year.  Frankly, I didn't know what to do with them.  They were a pain in the ass to assemble.  There are not a lot of pieces mind you, but simply fiddly, especially with 3 legs.  The tentacles are extremely fragile.  Several were attacked by my cat and lost a couple of hit points.  I painted these guys up last week simply because I was sick of looking at them on my WIP shelf.

Rebel Minis Martian Tripods
This force was to constitute a 100 point army for Alien Squad Leader, for the Tripod faction.  The Tripods are a vehicle only army in that game.  So, assembling this force was a rather expensive undertaking.  A 200 point force would be double this size and easily cost over $300.  However, they could also be used in other various games with an assortment of alien infantry to round them out.  I decided to stop at the 100 point level and see if it was worth going to the next level.  

The paint scheme I settled on these guys was a simple metallic grey.  That seemed appropriate for a Martian.   
Small Martian Tripod
Everything was airbrushed, starting with a basecoat of NATO black.   The metallic base was Vallejo Black Metal, followed by Vallejo Gun Metal and Vallejo Steel for highlights.  I then washed the various areas in Vallejo Grey and Light Grey Wash, mixed with a  little Vallejo Dark Grey. 

 Various other areas were picked out with other colors: Reaper Steely Blue for the weapons, Reaper Fire Red, Phoenix Red, Fire Orange and White for the sensor eyes located in various areas. 
The tentacles were painted in a basecoat of Vallejo Steel since I wanted them to stand out.
Large Martian Tripod
 Once sealed with Testors Dullcote I used Tamiya Weathering Pigments to highlight the edges and bring out a metallic shine where so desired.

Alien Squad Leader Tripod

Large Martian Tripod
 These were a rather expensive purchase.  However the  models are nice and the bigger ones are quite large.   They tower over regular 15mm figures and vehicles.

For now I don't think I will be pursing a 200 point force.  Assembling another 7 models is not on my to do list and spending such a huge sum for a single large army for a single game seems pointless to me a the moment.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Ral Partha Chaos Ogre Mage

Every Ogre tribe needs a shaman.  Luckily Ral Partha took care of that: The Chaos Ogre Mage.

This model is of the same scale as the Bob Olley Ogres.  Hence the reason I went with this model rather than the larger Citadel Butcher model.  Also I wanted something that looks a little more mysterious than the GW model.
Ral Partha Chaos Ogre Mage
The paint job was rather simple: my standard basecoat, followed by Reaper Stormcover Grey.  I then used a diluted Army Painter Dark Tone ink to darken the grey, with the folds getting a coat of NATO Black as a final touch.  Ritterlich Blue was used to highlight the extreme ends of the folds.
every Chaos Ogre should have a magical demonic sack
I considered doing some sort of pattern on his clothing.  However I felt that the model was sinister-looking enough to stand as is. 

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Ral Partha Skeletal Ogres

What is an Ogre army without a few animated corpses to go with it?  Both Ral Partha and Citadel made skeletal Ogres.  Sadly I do not have any of the latter's models.  The RP range only contained two sculpts, one with an axe and one with a club.  These baddies are suitable for a number of games and were specifically done for Dragon Rampant, as the entourage for my Chaos Ogre Mage.  Every sorcerer needs undead guards. 
Ral Partha Skeletal Ogres
The prep work was the same as my Skeletal Giant.  The only difference was that after Deck Tan I airbrushed Reaper Master Series Yellowed Bone.  That color was the base upon which the wash was applied.
The armor was done with both Blackened Steel and Tarnished Steel.  Washed in Army Painter Dark Tone ink, then dry-brushed to bring out highlights.  I would imagine there are some conversion possibilities for weapon heads with these guys. 

Friday, 23 June 2017

Realm of Chaos Citadel Minotaur

Minotaurs are probably my favorite monster from first edition AD&D.  I have collected many different examples of the creature over the years.  I am not fond of the new GW plastics.  Give me a metal sculpt any day please.

Anyway, here is another Ebay rescue: a Citadel Realms of Chaos Minotaur.  Citadel produced many versions of the Minotaur over the years.  This guy is tied with another one for my favorite sculpt. 

Citadel Realms of Chaos Minotaur
This model is unarmed, which is part of his charm.  he is obviously either 1) excited, 2) upset, 3) both.  This guy would fit in perfectly in a skirmish game, especially on old Realms of Chaos Slaves to Darkness warband game.  Just don't stair at his junk.  That would be inappropriate.

This model was painted in the same scheme as my Ogres.  Reaper Olive Skin tone just seems to work for so many critters.  Hair was done with my Walnut Brown wash. 

There is not really much else to say about this figure.  A simple sculpt which is easy to paint.  

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