Thursday, 5 February 2015

Khurasan Red Faction VTOL Gunships

Behold, the air support for the European Socialist Union, the Hind-M Gunship, courtesy of Khurasan.  This is a nice kit from Khurasan.  The model is armed with chin gun, rocket pods, ATGMs and drop tanks (I didn't fit mine).  They were done in a Vallejo grey with a Tamyia light blue underside. 

This is the first and only model I used Mig oil pigments on.  I am not sure if I am happy with the result.  I have become somewhat proficient with Minwax, but for whatever reason I did not use that product on this model.  Anyway, I guess it turned out ok, but there is just something about them I do  not like, paint-wise. 

As for the model, the only complaint I have is the ATGM pod was a pain to deal with.  It did not come out of the mold well and a lot of filing was necessary to get the smooth lines that you see (I am not happy with the outcome, but at a distance you cannot see the flaws much; I am not the best model assembler).  The mold design for that piece is, well, not good IMO.  It should have been cast as a one piece item rather than a 3 piece.  Also, the model has no hole for a flight base so a drill is necessary if one wishes to have it on one.

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