Tuesday, 3 February 2015

15mm Old Crow Gunship and Lander

What is a 15mm sci fi army without air support?  I present my completed 15mm scale Old Crow gunships, assigned to my North American Coalition force.  Like all Old Crow models, the quality is superb.  There was virtually no clean up needed.  There is no hole however on the bottom of the aircraft for a flight stand, thus a power drill is handy.

I slightly modified my two gunships to carry underpylon gatling guns, similar to those carried by the GW 40K Imperial Guard Vulture Gunship.  The barrels are extras from my Old Crow tanks.  I then used some stowage from GZG to create ammo pods and a harness for the gun itself. 

In the future I will probably add force decals to these guys.  But at the moment they have to suffer with what they have.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Jay. They are very nice models. Old Crow is top notch for sci fi. Pitty so few new designs come out from him.


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