Sunday, 25 January 2015

Khurasan Red Faction Vehicle Pool

I finally got around to taking photos of my Red Faction vehicle pool from Khurasan.  These vehicles, along with the Red Faction Khurasan Infantry form my European Socialist Union force for Gruntz and Tomorrows War. 

These were airbrushed in a simple modern Russian scheme.  The colors used were from the Vallejo Modern Russian Green color modulation kit.  They were quite quick to complete.  The weathering was done with Vallejo pigments on the tracks and Tamyia weathering powders on the hulls.  No washes were used on these models, with the exception of the crew and some pintle weapons.

The pool includes two tanks from Critical Mass Games.  They take the role of super-heavy tanks in this force, to compete with the Khurasan Siler and Hammers Slammers Blowers.


IS-9 Heavy Tanks

BTR Command Vehicle

Red Banner Tank Platoons

Putin II MBTs

Putin I MBT

Overall, these were enjoyable and easy to paint.


  1. Very nicely done...great looking paintjob on all hulls.

  2. These are really, really cool. Exactly what I want to achieve with my Neo-Sov force too.

    1. Thanks Paul. I was going to do a modern Russian camo scheme but decided on the basic Russian green look. It made the job of painting large amounts of vehicles a far less tedious process.


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