Saturday, 10 January 2015

Khurasan 15mm Russian T-90 tanks - Tomorrow's War DPRG

Over the holidays I completed six of the resin T-90 tanks from Khurasan.  They are very nice models with few mould lines and required little if any cleanup.  My plan is to use from as a low technology force for my Tomorrow's War DPRG force.  That force is made up of GZG vehicles and these fit in nicely.  They are appropriately scaled and work well beside them in that regard.  However, next say a Khurasan Red Banner tank they are quite small.

The models were airbrushed with the Vallejo Russian Green color modulation kit.  I then gloss coated them and did a wash with Minwax Tudor Polyshades.  The trick with Minwax is not to let it pool and wipe off all the excess.  It brought out all the details and left no pooling or other unwanted stains.  I went for a simple scheme since a) I am a bit burned out from painting and b) I wanted to be able to use them for forces other than my DRPG which are already done in a modern camo scheme.  It is not the fanciest scheme I have done, but it serves my purposes at the moment.

The T-90 has an ATGM defensive system on both sides of the main gun.  I painted these up in an activated state (Vallejo Cadmium Red, Reaper Blood Red, Vallejo Orange Red then a white dot in the middle).

T-90 Platoons

Activate anti-missile countermeasures Comrade!


  1. Those look great! Thanks for the write up too; I'll have to try the gloss before washing. Did you have any trouble getting it flattened out to a matte finish after the gloss?

    1. I use Future Floor finish before washing, even with Minwax as it will darken the colors. The gloss coat prevents the darkening effect. I use Liquidex Matte finish on all my models. I simply airbrush it on and it gives an excellent finish, just as good as Testors Dullcote.

  2. It's the Red Banner tanks that are grossly oversized, especially width-wise...

    ...I regularly use heavily modded modern and contemporary 1/87 tanks with my 15mm SF minis and they are very nice...

    1. You are of course 100% correct there Kull. The Khurasan Federal medium tank is slightly smaller than the Red Banner. It is a pitty is was not made smaller than that vehicle. However I believe they were made by different sculptors. I used to let things like this bother me quite a bit. However, I have a "come to Jesus moment" in regards to wargaming and mini-scale. Ground scale is (in most games) different from figure scale. So, even though the Red Banner is larger than say a GZG tank, that fact is irrelevant. The minis themselves are only placeholders and if they are oversized only slightly (one way or the other) that is more or less irrelevant within the scope of the game. Once I accepted this fact things like the Red Banner size no longer bothered me (as much).


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