Saturday, 20 December 2014

Warhammer Realms of Chaos - Paying hommage to Khorne, The Blood God, Lord of Skulls

Now that the Christmas Season is upon us, what better way to celebrate it than with a tribute to the Warhammer big boy himself, Khorne.  What is Christmas without a little blood and skulls.

Below are a few of the models which make up my massive Citadel Khorne horde, collectively known as "The Bloodlords".

Kaystar Saru, Lord of the Bloodlords



 Caramon the Rabid
 Grimjack the Hunter
 Oxblood Foulgrim

 Cardax, the Invincible
 Sapir Redwolf

 Knight of Khorne
 Knight of Khorne
  Knight of Khorne
 yup, another Bloodthirster
 Chaos Warriors

 Nostro Vilrex

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