Sunday, 14 December 2014

15mm Old Crow Vehicles

My first blog post.  Yay!  There is so much to catalogue on this blog that I don't know where to begin.  Lets start off with some 15mm sci-fi, specifically from Old Crow.  Jez makes some fantastic vehicles and buildings (probably my favorite on the market, for both 15 and 25mm).  Old Crow vehicles are modular for the most part.  You can mix and match turrets to create tanks, APCs, missile vehicles, SAM batteries, artillery, whatever you want.  Truly a fantastic range.  They also come in tracked, wheeled, hover and anti-grav for the most part.

Here is the full vehicle pool.  They were airbrushed with the Vallejo modern Russian AFV paint modulation kit.  However, the final highlight was done with the Light Green from the WW2 Vallejo modulation kit rather that the Vallejo Bright which came with the modern one.

Sabre tanks with laser turrets from the Trojan APC for point AAA/missile defense.

Lancer Heavy IFV.  Each turret comes with various barrel choices (short power guns, traditional cannons or heavy gatling guns).

Gunship support.  I have since added twin heavy gatling guns under the wings to create my 15mm version of the Forge World Vulture Gunship. 

Battlesuits from Khurasan Miniatures.  Lovely models.



Trojan Light APC, my command vehicle. 
"Go that way!"

Halberd Assault gun with Claymore APC and Slingshot AFV.  I have since painted the missile tubes yellow to make them pop.

Heavy SSM battery and Radar vehicle.

Gladius Medium Tank with twin power guns and a gatling turret from Ground Zero Games.

I cannot recommend Jez's line enough.  They are a snap to put together, with only a few pieces for each model.  They are resin with metal fittings for the most part.  He also sells an extensive line of upgrades and add ons which are reasonably priced.  He does not have a traditional online store however.  The link below will take you to the archived site which will allow you to view the various lines he offers.  To place an order just send him an email.  He is quick and great to work with.

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