Wednesday, 17 December 2014

15mm Tomorrow's War GZG DPRG Motor Pool

Well, this past weekend I finally finished my GZG motor pool for the DPRG for Tomorrow’s War. I have had these babies for several months but I could not decide on a color scheme. That was very stressful. I painted and stripped the APCs 3 times before I went with the one you see now, a quasi-modern Russian style. I think it fits the DPRG background.

GZG models are all metal and quite heavy.  They typically have mould lines which require extensive cleanup and some are in locations which are not easy to deal with.  All and all though, they are a great miniature line and I recommend them. 

They were all done with the Vallejo Model Air Russian Green color modulation kit. I then added Vallejo US Light Grey and NATO Black in patches for the camo. They were then gloss coated, washed with Minwax Tudor stain and then airbrushed again with the highlight colors again to make them pop out. I am quite careful with the minwax. The trick is not to let anything pool up in blobs. I prefer the Tudor colors to the brownish colors since I believe brown looks more like coffee stains than anything else. I then airbushed on a matt sealer.

The infantry were done with Vallejo German Uniform and Khaki, then washed with Army Painter Strong Tone, with details picked out later. Quite simple really.

DPRG Shouting Dragon APC with Victorious People's Power Armor support

GZG Heavy APC (Shouting Dragon)

DRPG Motor Rifle Squad dismounts with Bioroids in support.

Bioroids advance.

Motor Rifle troops advance.

Remote Gun Drones deploy.

Chonma-Ho IV MBTs move in column formation through downtown Alsip.

GZG Tracked Tank

GZG Tracked Tank

GZG SAM unit takes up position

Chonma-Ho IV MBTs cover the advance.

GZG Skysweeper Air Defense Gun, modified unto a heavy plasma tank.

Anti-Air Artillery prepares to fire.

Anti-Tank units prepare for orders.

Local civilians are rounded up for "processing".


 Bringing up the rear.

Bioroids receive new instructions via Tele-link Com-Sat.

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