Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Warhammer Realms of Chaos - Slaanesh Lord of Pleasure Miniature Extraveganza - Chosen "The Immortals"

I have a large 25mm Fantasy miniature collection.  My wife would say that is an understatement.  Citadel, Grenadier, Ral Partha, and Reaper are just some of the manufacturers I have collected & painted from over the years. 

My Warhammer Fantasy armies consist of Undead, Chaos (Khorne), Chaos (Slaanesh), Bretonnia.  However, my first love is Slaanesh.  The colors.  Oh the colors.  I had the most fun painting these guys. 

Below is a small sample of some of the more unique Slaanesh figures I have finished.  They form the core of my 20 strong Chosen unit called "The Immortals".  Not all of them are pictured here.  I tend to name all my unique models.  I put a small name tag on the front of their base that I print out off my computer.  I think it makes me care more (if one can care about inanimate things).


Thulsa Doom

Lucien Blackheart

Nekris Demonblade

Kardos Bloodhelm

The Dread Emperor

Black McDabb

Arach the Destroyer

Red Honohom

Morthog Doomaxe

Drakar Deathbringer
Ogroth Darksoul


Belmoth Blacksword

Knight of the Order of the Star

The Raven
 Ulvar Vileblood

 Butcher Molligan

 Strong Belwas
A small troupe of Dark Elves who worship the Lord of Pleasure

Wildmen from the North, dedicated to the Lord of Pleasure
 Getting ahead....

 Hasan chop!

 It is not sharp enough



  1. Some lovely old skool nostalgia there... but the stand out for me is Red Honohom; a total kick-arse mini and nicely painted too.

  2. Thanks bud. He is one of my favorite models from Grenadier. They made some of the most iconic AD&D miniatures to this day.


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