Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Rebel Minis 15mm Earth Force Self Propelled Artillery

Two posts in one day.  Recently I finished 3 Self Propelled Artillery vehicles from Rebel Minis, from their Earth Force line.  I don't have any other Rebel minis products, however these models were quite nice to work with.  Almost no flash or mold lines to speak of. 

My intention is to use these for my European Socialist Union force which is comprised of vehicles from Khurasan, specifically the Red Faction line.  Khurasan does not make a SPA vehicle for that line and these reminded me of modern Russian/Soviet vehicles.  I ran out of the FPG decals for my ESU force so as of right now they are unmarked. 

They were airbrushed in the same scheme as my other Red Faction vehicles, a simple one really.  Then gloss coated, given a light coat of Minwax Tudor, airbrushed again with some highlights and then weathered.  They should fit the bill for Gruntz or as objectives for Tomorrow's War.

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