Saturday, 7 February 2015

15mm Khurasan Federal Medium Tank

Another Khurasan showcase, this time their 15mm Federal Medium tanks.  These are very nice models, with little clean up required.  I had these for awhile now and struggled a long time to come up with a paint scheme that I thought would fit with my GZG NSL Infantry.  The only thing I new is that I did not want another green vehicle pool.

I did these up in a German grey scheme to match my European Union forces (known as the Leopard V).  The scheme was simple: airbrushed Tamyia German Grey, followed by Dark Sea Grey, Light Sea Grey and Vallejo Pale Grey Blue.  The only issue I have with them is I seem to have either lost or misplaced the crew hatches for a couple of tanks.  I will have to use some GZG hatches apparently.  They were finished off with some Tamyia weathering pigments.  I may in the future do a couple of Vallejo Dark Grey pin washes, not sure yet.



  1. Nicely executed panzer platoon. Sometimes a simple monotone finish is the best approach, and your added details consisting of Federal German Bundeswehr insignia really pops the overall finish. Excellent. :)

    1. Thanks Widow. These vehicles have so much detail that I really struggled with how to paint them. Same with the Caiman and Siler tank. But I ended doing those in the same pattern as well.


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