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15mm Alien Squad Leader Army - Human Imperial

If one is looking to start something traditional for Alien Squad Leader, then look no further than the Human Imperial Army.  This army is one of the easiest to collect since humanlike miniatures are easy to find in the marketplace.  Ground Zero Games is the best place to start for any 15mm experience (IMO).  Their model range is unmatched in the marketplace and Jon's service is fantastic. 

This army is very much a high quality force.  There are few, if any really, expendable units here.  For this reliability one pays a price: points.  There are many different types of units to choose from and many different themes one can go with: a foot infantry horde, a mechanized infantry force, an armored company, a robot heavy force, the choices are many.  Each Imperial Army must take 4 Infantry Squads per 100 points, one of which must be a Command Stand.

One unit in particular is of note here: the Main Battle Tank.  Only the Human Imperial Army has access to this unit.  The armor save on this beast is 3+, the best in the game.  It is also equipped with a Primary Weapon.  ASL breaks ranged weapons down into 3 groups: Small Arms, range 50cm (which cannot hurt armored vehicles), Heavy Weapons, range 75cm (which can affect all targets) and Primary Weapons, range 100cm (which can affect all targets).  Primary Weapons also lower a targets armor save by 1.  This combines to make a deadly unit on the tabletop.  The only other factions to possess Primary Weapons are the Mechanoids and the Tripods.  This allows the Human Imperial Army to outrange almost all opponents and allow your tanks to bombard at will, hopefully well out of the range of enemy heavy weapons.  My advice: take lots!

The army below consists of:

3 Infantry Command Squads, 13 pts ea
7 Infantry Squads, 8 pts ea
2 Heavy Weapon Squads, 10 pts ea
3 Power Armor teams with jump packs and computer assisted aiming devices, 12 pts ea
4 Robotic Infantry Squads, 11 pts ea
3 Heavy Droids, 13 pts ea
6 Main Battle Tanks with homing missiles, 18 pts ea
2 Assault Tanks, 15 pts ea
6 Armored Vehicles, 12 pts ea
3 Armored Transports, 13 pts ea
3 Assault Transports, 15 pts ea
1 Troop Transports, 3 pts
1 Scout Vehicle, 7 pts
2 Gunships, 16 pts ea
1 Dropship, 15 pts

Alien Squad Leader Human Imperial Army
The painting scheme for this army was quite simple.  The entire vehicle pool was airbrushed with the  Vallejo Model Air Modern Russian Green airbrush kit.  These kits consist of a shadow color, a base color, and two highlights.  I substituted the last highlight color (Bright Green) for the Light Green color from the World War 2 Russian Green model air kit.  I then used Tamiya weathering pigments (Light Sand and Light Green) to finish them off.

The infantry were done with Vallejo German Uniform and Reaper Ashen Brown and Camo Green.  I then washed them black and highlighted again with the base colors.  Nothing fancy here.

The robotic medic models in the command stands were amongst the easiest to paint.  A basecoat of white and then Vallejo Light Grey Wash.  Then a light drybrush again of white.  Done. 

Human Imperial Command Stand
models are from GZG Tomorrow's War series, US Marine Corps

Human Imperial Infantry

Imperial Horde

Human Imperial Heavy Weapon Squad
Human Imperial Power Armor team (GZG Tomorrows War figures)
Robotic Infantry Squads (Khurasan Miniatures)
Heavy Droids (Khurasan Miniatures)

Main Battle Tank Platoons (Old Crow Miniatures)

Armored Transports (Old Crow Miniatures)

Assault Transports (Old Crow Miniatures)

Armored Fighting Vehicles (Old Crow Miniatures)
Assault Tanks (Brigade Models)

Assorted Support Vehicles (Old Crow Miniatures)


Gunship Flight (Old Crow Miniatures)
Dropship (Old Crow Miniatures)


Troop Transport and Scout Vehicle (Old Crow Miniatures)
This army was the first one I painted for 15mm, some years ago.  The vehicle pool is far to big for any 15mm game.  But I liked the Old Crow model range so much that I could not help myself. 


  1. Now that's an army! Love how these vehicles came out and the troops are also first class!

    1. As usual, thanks Don. Yeah, I got a little carried away with this one. I really want to add grav tanks to this force. Crazy I am.

  2. Great minis & army Darebear,
    You mixed them really well.
    I must get some Gzg TW US troops now as your pics really make them shine ( the pics on the Gzg are too small to make out their great detail )
    Thanks for sharing keep it up
    Atb for the new year

    1. Thanks Zrune. Sadly a lot of the GZG pics do not do the minis justice. The TW US Marines are lovely. The DRPG are also fantastic as are the new NSL Panzergrenadiers. I have a lot of them to put up on here shortly.

      Happy New Year!

  3. Love the medical androids. Consider that idea stolen. :)

    1. NP! GZG droids work well in so many roles. Especially with heavy weapon teams.


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