Tuesday, 27 December 2016

15mm Alien Squad Leader Army - Alien Greys

The force below is rather special to me.  I live 2 kilometers from a nuclear power plant, and over the last three years I (and my children with me) have seen UFOs (silvery disks) on three separate occasions in broad daylight hovering over said plant.  I felt it proper therefore that one of my armies for ASL be: "Alien Greys".

The force is made up mostly of models from 15mm.co.uk  specifically their Alien Grey Range: Scientists, Landing teams, Combat teams, Robotic servants and small flying saucers.  The larger saucers come from both Khurasan and the one on the ground is a toy Jupiter 2, from the TV show Lost in Space. 

The army consists of:

3 Scientist Teams with paralysis rays
6 Landing Teams with paralysis rays (3 not shown below)
6 Combat Teams with small arms
6 Robotic Servant Teams  (heavy droids) with heavy weapons and paralysis rays
3 Team Defenders (anti-grav floaters) with heavy weapons
3 Recon Saucers (domed models) with small arms
2 Flying Saucers with heavy weapons and teleportation beams (removable from their bases)
1 Transport Saucer (unarmed)

The paint scheme for the vehicles was very simple: airbrushed Tamyia Metallic Grey with Vallejo Model Air Steel for highlights.  I wanted the classic 1950s saucers so this was obviously the way to go.  I was a bit stuck for models to use for the Team Defenders.  So, I went with a small flying saucer, without a dome, and stuck a spare weapon barrel I had lying around.  Does the job ok. 

The greys themselves were equally simple.

Primer: none.  Yup, none.  You could use white I guess, but I find that airbrushed Tamyia paints work well on their own.
Basecoat: Airbrushed Tamyia Japanese Army Grey (its an off-white, greenish grey color)
Skin: Reaper Highland Moss, highlighted with Pale Lichen.  Eyes were done in black, highlighted with Reaper Sapphire and True Blue. 
Suit Collars: Reaper Ashen Brown
Weapons: Vallejo model air Chrome

Suits were washed in Reaper Delvan Mud.  Then highlighted with Reaper Khaki Highlight and then Reaper Splintered Bone.

The Alien Greys are not the most powerful army in Alien Squad Leader (indeed they can win the game without killing enemy units by using their paralysis rays).  But they possess a certain charm that appeals to me. 

Alien Squad Leader, Alien Grey Landing Force, 200+ points

Alien Grey Scientist Team

Alien Grey Survey Team

Alien Grey Combat Team

Robotic Servants, "Klaatu barada nikto"

Recon Saucers (15mm UK saucers)

Mother Ship (Khurasan flying saucer with destructo-beams)

Transport Saucer (aka the Jupiter 2)

Team Defenders, with heavy weapons

more Robotic Servants, "Prepare to be disintegrated."


  1. Very nice, I have these also however I'm using these with All Quite On The Martian Front walkers...)

    1. Thanks Don. The Tripods are my next ASL army that I need to do.

    2. I was thinking I could use these guys and AQMF stuff in more than just one time period this way....we'll see....)


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