Thursday, 29 December 2016

15mm Alien Squad Leader Army - Hive Mind & Alien Enslaver, Xenomorph

Apparently I have a lot of time on my hands this week.  So, let the montage of 15mm armies continue.  This next one is a bit different as it could potentially work for two separate armies in Alien Squad Leader: Hive Mind and Alien Enslaver.

The great thing about generic army lists is that one can potentially use the same models in separate lists, in totally separate forces.  I like this.  It prevents games from getting stale and allows one to continually experiment and try new things.  The Xenomorph model range, from Khurasan Miniatures, allows such a thing.
Alien Enslaver / Hive Mind Army - Xenomorph

The Xeno range (which I do not have in its entirety) contains models in size from the diminutive Facehugger and Parasite (from the movie Prometheus) all the way up to the Dragon Queen.  This selection allows me to use the models in two separate lists: Hive Mind and Alien Enslaver. 

The Hive Mind list is basically made up of beasts and monsters, with no technology at all.  Their focus is to charge into close combat and eat your face.  This is often easier said than done, due to the rules regarding Primitive units in ASL.  When they are hit with modern small arms they often flee causing problems with ones plan.  One needs a horde of primitive units to make such a strategy viable.  While I like the Hive Mind list it is not my favorite since there are only five types of units to choose from, the second smallest in the whole game.  Also, using all my models in this list is not necessarily possible.


The Khurasan Xenomorph range however allows for a more detailed exploration of model possibilities in ASL with the Alien Enslaver list.  In that force, Predaliens become elite shock troops with modern small arms, while the Timonids become the heavy weapon carriers of the army.  There are three other separate types of models which I do not have (flying Vampire Xenomorphs, Nymphs, Parasites and Nymph Hosts) which could fill out the Primitive army list choices nicely.  The larger monsters turn into armored walkers, spitting acid or other horrid fluids (counting as a heavy weapon),  As you can see, all one needs is some imagination and you will find that anything is possible. 

Khurasan Miniatures actually provides a nice background story for this range.  The Timonids are basically extra-dimensional beings who have travelled here to enslave our universe (I guess their universe is too small).  The Xenomorphs are biologically created creatures used as cannon fodder in their war machine.  The Predaliens are a biological cross between the Xeno and Kra'Vak race (see my other blog entry) and are used as elite shock troops.  Other large monsters are used in place of armored vehicles.  Think of the movie "The Mist".  That will give you an idea of where I am going with this.

Xenomorph King & Queen (command stands)


Xenomorph Warriors


more Xenos



Dragon Queen

more monsters


Monstrous Armored Beasts

This army was featured on this blog some time ago.  However, recently I used the Army Painter Dark Tone wash on these figures (not the canned dip stuff).  I feel they look much better now than in their previous incarnation.  


  1. Very nice. I really like the last 2 models pictured; the Monstrous Armored Beasts. Where did you get them?

    1. Thanks Sean. They are from Khurasan Miniatures, under the Space Demon range.


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