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15mm Alien Squad Leader Army - Alien Enslavers

In Alien Squad Leader, few armies have as many potential model choices as the Alien Enslaver faction.  This army consists of a few units of a Master Race supplemented by hordes of primitives and or controlled zombies.  Think of the aliens from the TV show Falling Skies.  That will give you an idea of the essence of this army.

Enslaver armies can be huge, and mine is no different (not all of mine made it into the group photo).  Enslavers must take 6 primitive units per 100 points.  Mine consists of:

3 units of Enslaver Masters, GZG Xii aliens (Inferior Infantry), 13 pts ea
2 units of Darghaur Shocktroops (Regular Infantry), 8 pts ea
6 units of Xar Infantry (Inferior Infantry), 6 pts ea
3 units of Xar Heavy Weapon Teams, 10 pts ea
4 units of Xar Crewed Weapon Teams, 6 pts ea
3 Air-Lifted Weapon Platforms (Floaters), 7 pts ea
2 units of Close Flyers (Zombie Dragon and Hornet Drones), 9 pts ea
4 units of Lhurgg Tribesmen (Primitive Fighters), 3 pts ea
5 units of Alien Grey Zombies (Thralls), 2 pts ea
5 units of Rad-Zombies (Beasts), 4 pts ea
2 Grav Tanks (Armored Fighting Vehicles, air-lifted), 11 pts ea
3 Bio-Monstrosities (Armored Fighting Vehicles, walkers), 11 pts ea

Since ASL has no official background players are forced to make this up themselves.  I like this.  It allows creativity that few other games possess.  In my universe, the Enslavers are called the "Vallax".  They are aliens, who, after conquering their own dimension have invaded our own universe for dark and unknowable purposes.  Cue sinister music.

The Vallax do not possess advanced technology.  They do have abilities however which we would call "magic".  This makes up for their army's lack of high tech units.  They also make use of bio-technology and artificial life to bolster their army.

Army on Parade - Alien Enslaver
Alien Enslaver Masters - Xii by GZG
The Masters are represented by GZG Xii models.  They possess magic powers and a nasty disposition.  These were done in the same manner as the Xar models.

Enslaver Masters
Enslaver Masters

Darghaur Infantry by GZG

GZG Darghaur represent the elite of the Enslaver Infantry.  They are artificial biological creations by the Vallax.  They are Regular Infantry who possess no particular advantages or penalties for that matter.  The technique for their scheme has already been detailed on an earlier blog post.

Xar Infantry

Xar Infantry
The bulk of the modern infantry are made up of GZG Xar aliens, recently conquered by the Vallax.  They are classed as Inferior Infantry.  As such they have a -1 to hit in both ranged and close combat.  Heavy Weapon Teams do not have a -1 for shooting however.  I guess they are a bit better trained.  Heavy Weapon Teams are equipped with Superior Energy Shields.  This is represented on the table top by GZG Spider Droids.  These guys were done in Tamiya JA Green, then washed with GW green Camoshade and then GW Gryphone Sepia.  Highlights were done with Vallejo Dead Flesh.  Other areas picked out as needed.

Xar Heavy Weapons Teams

Xar Heavy Weapons Teams

Phalon Infantry by GZG
Phalons are another recently conquered race.  They are also classed as Inferior Infantry.

Automated Weapons Platform - by GZG

Automated Weapons Platform by GZG
Floating Weapon Platforms give the army some much needed mobile heavy weapon punch.  They are fragile though and must be kept hidden.  Done in my standard Tamiya Metallic Grey technique.

Close Flyers - Hornet Drones by GZG

Hornet Drone by GZG
Normally in ASL, Close Flyers are represented by flying beasts or flying cavalry and classed as a Primitive unit, specializing in close combat.  Flyers are kept off table and each turn have a chance to come in, perform an attack run (ranged or close combat), and then exit the table.  I preferred to go with a more technological approach this time.  I used GZG Hornet Drones and made the assumption that their undersize gatling weapons represent a weak short ranged attack, rather than some type of actual melee combat ability.  Done in my standard Tamiya Metallic Grey technique.

Alien Grav Tanks by Old Crow
Alien Grav Tank by Old Crow
Enslavers are allowed 3 armored vehicles per 100 points.  They are nothing special and no upgrades are available for them (heavy weapon and a 4+ armor save, that is it, not even a turret!).  They do however give the army an offensive punch against energy armor.  Done in my standard Tamiya Metallic Grey technique.

Primitive Fighters, Khurasan Lhurgg Tribesmen
Rad Zombies by
Rad Zombies
Enslaver primitive units are made up of Lhurgg Tribesmen and Rad-Zombies.  The Lhurgg believe the Vallax are gods and follow them out of devotion.  The painting technique for these guys has already been explained in a previous blog post. 

The Rad Zombies human corpses reanimated after being exposed to alien radiation.  They are classed as Beasts in the game, giving them an edge in close combat.  They enjoy eating flesh and moaning.  These guys were easy to paint.  Done in Tamiya JA Green and then washed in various GW washes, with bones and blood picked out afterwards.

As I stated earlier, the Vallax use artificial life in addition to technology.  These units are my Bio-Monstrosities.  They are classed as Armored Walkers, which gives them the ability to see over lower range bands in the tabletop.  When not being fed human beings, Bio Monstrosities enjoy spitting acid and causing general mayhem.   These were done years ago and I have no clue on how anymore.


Eat more!

Alien Zombie Thralls
Alien Enslavers are allowed to take Thrall units, similar to the Cyborg Enslavers.  Thralls can only be controlled by Vallax units.  The Zombie Thralls are terrible in combat (-2) but have the advantage of never retreating or running away.  They are good blocking units or for a last ditch mass charge to break a weakened enemy.  These were done in Reaper Alien Flesh.
Close Flyer - Zombified Beast
Another Close Flyer, this time a Zombified Dragon.  Hey, why not?

This army was a lot of fun to put together.  Alien Enslavers are not the easiest army to use in ASL.  They are large and lack heavy striking power.  Success comes from using all the components together and careful planning.  More than any other this army requires patience and a good plan.


  1. That is one nasty looking army, may fight so so but, it just might scare the piss out of your opponents...) Again very nice work here!

    1. Thanks. The army turned out better than I thought it would. It was difficult at first to decide on what I wanted them to represent. I wanted something unusual and rather "alien". I actually have another Enslaver army that I have to put up. It is based on Khurasan Space Demons and Timonids.


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