Saturday, 31 December 2016

Tomorrow's War DPRG Motorized Rifle Platoon

Tomorrow's War would not be complete without Space North Koreans.  So, may I present the "Democratic People's Republic of Glory".

The DPRG is the main antagonist in the planet Glory.  Their main foe is the US supported Republic of Arden.  They are technologically outmatched (in general) by Arden, but they do receive off-world help from allies in Earth, mainly Brazil.

A typically DPRG platoon consists of a small HQ section and three rifle squads.  Additional units are attached as necessary.  Tomorrow's War uses an elegant tech level system to represent technology in the game.  Level 1 is obsolete, Level 2 is modern, Level 3 is cutting edge new technology.  The cleverness of this design is that it does not matter what the actual "tech" is.  The level is relative to the game being played.  DPRG is typically TL1, with the US Army being TL3.  This difference in the game is huge since the higher tech level gains bonus dice when attacking, defending or generally trying to oppose something the opponent is doing.  Needless to say, the DPRG has a tough time against the Imperialist American Dogs! 

Long live Dear Leader!

DPRG Motor Rifle Platoon with Support Elements

HQ Section with Lieutenant, Senior Sergeant, Com Tech, Robotic Medic and GPMG team

People's Army Power Armor team

People's Army Motor Rifle Squad & Shouting Dragon IFV
"Tiger Force" - obsolete Chonma-Ho-III MBTs
models from Khurasan Miniatures

Models from Khurasan Miniatures and GZG

vehicle from Khurasan Miniatures

Infantry from GZG


  1. Why do I suddenly feel the need to watch the original "Red Dawn"? Nice job on these Commies in space, I got some of the troops mixing them in with a few others.

  2. Thanks. Love the original movie.

    Long live the People's Paradise!

  3. Great choice of figures and armour...just the ticket!

    1. Thanks. Dear Leader demands only the finest soldiers. I wish GZG would expand their Tomorrow's War model range.

  4. Nice painting...great looking figs and vehicles.

    1. Thanks bud. The airbrush deserves much of the credit.


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