Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Reaper Miniatures Ettin, "Borka, the Maneater"

Over the past couple of years I have concentrated on painting 15mm Sci Fi figures to the exclusion of all else.  However, this year I made a conscious decision to return to my roots: 25/28mm Fantasy.  There was one caveat though: I didn't want to paint huge army-scale projects.  Over the years I have painted countless figs and the prospect of painting hordes of more models was just brain numbing to think about. 

After some consideration I came to a compromise with myself.  Since we are in the Post-Warhammer Age I was now free to paint what I liked vs what I needed to.  Games like Dragon Rampant and The Hordes of the Things set my mind free from the GW Matrix and my imagination began to explore other modeling opportunities. 

Reaper Miniatures Ettin
One of my first stops was Reaper Miniatures.  My Ral Partha Ogres needed an appropriate giant to play with (yes I have several Citadel Giants already but they are not aesthetically suitable) and the Ettin fit right in. 
The color scheme was done in the same pattern as my Ogres (see my previous posts).  The tartan pattern was carried though where possible.  Painting shields is never fun for me and I was at a loss for what to do and after several abortive attempts I settled on black with my custom symbol of the Great Maw.

"La la la la!"  hear Borka sing
He does have some interesting features depicted which might be trying to tell a sad story: a child's rag doll around his belt and an accompanying small human skull hanging from this chest.  Are they related?  Only Borka knows, and he has been silent despite my questioning. 
What is it with Ogres and Hogs?
In game this model could be used as a Giant in Warhammer, an Elite Foot with perhaps the Venomous upgrade in Dragon Rampant or as a Behemoth in Hordes of the Things.  This guy was super fun to paint, taking 3 hours from start to finish. 

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