Sunday, 25 June 2017

Ral Partha Chaos Ogre Mage

Every Ogre tribe needs a shaman.  Luckily Ral Partha took care of that: The Chaos Ogre Mage.

This model is of the same scale as the Bob Olley Ogres.  Hence the reason I went with this model rather than the larger Citadel Butcher model.  Also I wanted something that looks a little more mysterious than the GW model.
Ral Partha Chaos Ogre Mage
The paint job was rather simple: my standard basecoat, followed by Reaper Stormcover Grey.  I then used a diluted Army Painter Dark Tone ink to darken the grey, with the folds getting a coat of NATO Black as a final touch.  Ritterlich Blue was used to highlight the extreme ends of the folds.
every Chaos Ogre should have a magical demonic sack
I considered doing some sort of pattern on his clothing.  However I felt that the model was sinister-looking enough to stand as is. 

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