Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Ral Partha Jabberwock

If it is not clear I am a sucker for older models.  This fellow from Ral Partha is another one of those hidden gems IMO, the Jabberwock.  He is small when compared to modern GW monster models, perhaps the same size as a Chaos Spawn.  However, one must realize that this was sculpted for 25mm, not 28mm.  Put him beside a model from Grenadier Miniatures and he looks fine.  Not every fantasy monster model needs to be the size of a 1/72 scale tank. 
Ral Partha Jabberwock
Painting this fellow was quite easy.  After airbrushing my standard Tamiya paint base I airbrushed on Reaper Dusky Skin as the base coat.  I then made a wash using Dusky Skin Shade to deal with the recesses and used the Dusky Skin Highlight to, well, highlight.  Other details were picked out as needed. 
Ral Partha Jabberwock
The figure has several small warts modeled onto it.  They are almost imperceptible and easy to miss when painting.  I love the rather bizarre pose.  It looks like he is dancing to the "Chaos Bop".

"Look into my eye!"

"Look at me, I am awesome and weird!"

This guy took perhaps an hour to paint.  I considered doing the wings another color but I am not sure a stark dark color would look good with the muted skin tone.

Anyway, that is the Jabberwock, the Dancing Fool of Chaos.

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  1. I've always loved this veteran sculpt, which is based off the original illustrations.
    You've done it proud!


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