Thursday, 22 June 2017

Ral Partha Skeletal Giant

Huge skeletons.  Gotta love em.  The Ral Partha Skeletal Giant is another favorite model of mine.  This is a solid sculpt, with only one part to assemble: the sword into the hand. 
Ral Partha Skeletal Giant
My preparation for this model was a little different than others.  For skeletons I use a simple process: base coat the whole model in Tamiya Deck Tan.  Then pick-out the remaining details and finish off with an overall wash on the bone with Army Painter Strong Tone ink.  Drybrush any metal bits and the model is basically done.  I don't do any additional work to the bone, preferring to let the wash do the work.  It forms into irregular patterns which create a realistic look which is ok on the tabletop.  I did lighten the teeth a little, do make them pop a little more.

Need a new outfit I think

I used Reaper Master Series Chestnut Brown for the leather, with a Rust Brown highlight.


Armor was done with Reaper Blackened Steel.  Mail was done with Tarnished Steel.  All then lightly drybrushed after the wash.
This model is easily big enough to work alongside any modern giants and or monsters. 

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