Sunday, 18 June 2017

Ral Partha Ogres, circa 1970s & 1980s

Continuing on in my Ogre series we shall review a few very old sculpts by Ral Partha.  The front two beasties were released in 1979, with others released sometime in the 80s.  While older, these models still fit aesthetically into my Ogre army which consists of quite older sculpts.
 These Ogres are smaller than later sculpts from various companies.  The sculpting is average and typical of the period.
Ral Partha Ogre "Boo!"...scared yet?
 I like this guy.  He looks like he just jumped from around a dungeon corridor.  The hair was done with my homemade Walnut wash.....very lightly. 
Must be an Italian Ogre...shave your back!

Ral Partha Ogre with Club
 This sculpt had no body hair that I could discern.  There were tiny bumps here and there but I could not tell if it was hair or skin texturing.  The model actually reminded me of my late father-in-law (bless his soul).  When our boys were young they called my wife's father Grampa Shrek, on account that he was tall, muscular and bald.  So, rather than try to model hair I decided to paint this guy in homage to Grampa Shrek. 
Yes I have no body hair.

Ral Partha Armored Ogre
 This is the first example of an armored ogre that I could find anywhere.  An average sculpt.

Ral Partha Armored Ogre with Greatsword
 The second example of an armored ogre in my collection.  I continued on with the tartan pattern from earlier models. 

Ral Partha Ogre with Sword
 This fella is a little weird.  He reminds me more of a dwarf than an Ogre. 
Yes, that is somethings leg.  Never forget to bring your lunch to work.
Finally to highlight the size differences between companies and time periods.
From left to right: Grenadier Fantasy Knights 25mm figure; Ral Partha Ogre (1979), Ral Partha Ogre (1979), Ral Partha Ogre, Ral Partha Bob Olley Ogre, Reaper Miniatures Ogre.

These two are the earliest Ogres I have in my collection.  They are very small, on par with a 28mm hero figure.  Perhaps they are Ogre children?

Here you can see how scale creep has happened over the years.  The Reaper figure would easily be passed off as a Giant in the 70s and 80s.

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