Monday, 19 June 2017

Citadel Ogre Tyrant, "Nosra, King of the Ogres"

Citadel is probably my least favorite manufacturer for Ogre models.  As such I don't  have many of them, in fact only one: the Ogre Tyrant, aka "Nosra", Ogre King.

This fellow was an Ebay rescue many years ago.  His paint job was quite horrible.  However, into the vat of 99% alcohol and presto: a new man so to speak

Citadel Ogre Tyrant
 This guy was painted in the same scheme as previous models.  No need to go into details here.

I really wanted to carry the tartan pattern forward onto this model.  Since the only fabric was his pants I had to settle for that as a canvas. 

Love my back fat!

This guy is obviously bigger than my Ral Partha models.  However, since Nosra is the King Of All Ogres that is fitting.  He is a big eater you know.

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