Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Ground Zero Games 15mm New Swabian League (NSL) Panzergrenadiers

This weekend I realized that although I have posted a lot of photos of my various forces, I have not focused on any specific force that I have completed.  Therefore, this will be a first in a series of posts which will focus on one particular force that I have painted for 15mm Sci-Fi.  First up, New Swabian League Panzergrenadiers from Ground Zero Games.

The NSL castings from GZG are extremely clean.  There was virtually no cleanup required.  They are compact infantry, armed with assault rifles with integral grenade launchers.  Additional figures include GMS(L) [guided missile system, light], Laser Snipers, Plasma Guns and Squad Automatic Weapons.  Heavier weapons include Autogrenade Launcher and Autocanno teams.  The models were individually based on 1/4" washers.  For stand based games I use blue tac to attach them to the various bases.  This allows the best of both worlds.  The force itself contains enough models to form at least two full platoons, more than sufficient for most games.

Originally I had planned on a camo scheme.  It was simple to achieve but I felt that it did not go well with the hard armor plate of the model.  I therefore decided on a more traditional German color: Tamiya Field Grey.  The models were airbrushed in that color then washed black.  I then did highlights by hand over the armor plates.  The remaining features were picked out in other colors and the visor done in a metallic blue. 

The old style Power Armor units were done in an identical fashion.  However, when the larger models came out I did them slightly different.  Instead of a black wash I used Minwax Tudor Polyshades.  This gave the models a less dark appearance.  This worked for me.  The older models are significantly smaller than the newer designs.  This relegates them to Light Power Armor in my games (or robotic infantry in Alien Squad Leader). 

Overall, these are my favorite GZG models and exemplify the newer GZG sculpts: clean and highly detailed.

Original 2013 Prototype

GZG NSL Panzergrenadiers


Auto Grenade Launcher

Power Armor (new style)

Power Armor (old style)


NSL Power Armor, old and new syle


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    1. Thanks Buckeye. The 25mm versions are quite nice as well.

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    1. :-> ...and as always thanks Don. These are my favorite 15mm range. Reminds me of GW 40K Steel Legion for some reason.


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