Sunday, 28 February 2016

15mm Khurasan Lhurgg Tribesmen

This week we are looking at the 15mm Lhurgg Tribesmen, from Khurasan miniatures.  Now, normally, in most sci fi games you do not see naked sword wielding aliens.  However, in Alien Squad Leader, such warriors are not out of place.  I picked these guys up for my Alien Imperial Faction for ASL games (and for Gruntz as well).  This faction is required to have a certain number of primitive aliens, mainly for cannon fodder.

There are two types of kits of Lhurgg, ones with swords and ones with small arms.  I have both sets but these guys are the first to see paint.  The models are substantially larger than most 15mm ranges.  You can see, compared to the GZG DRPG trooper, that the aliens stand quite taller than an average human.  The castings were clean, with little clean up.  Most of the clean up was around the groin area, funny enough.

Since most of my models are earth tones, greens or greys I wanted to do something different with these guys.  When looking at them I imagined an evil, carnivorous reptilian race, with little creative thought or emotion, but which behaved only according to basic instinct: feeding and reproducing.  I went with bright colors to bring out the details, especially the sexual organs.  When I showed by wife my prototype her disgusted reaction assured me that I was on the right track color wise.

I used the Reaper Master series Blond Hair Triad for the skin.  I then washed the model in diluted GW Sepia wash, then did another highlight with the triads.  They have an orange-yellow skin tone, sufficiently alien looking.  I was originally going to avoid any washes on these models and do all the highlighting by hand.  However, after a trial run with a prototype I realized that my skill level is not good enough for such work on 15mm.  While looking ok the wash brought out details that I never could by hand.

The models are certainly not for everyone, but they capture the feel that I was looking for.  Hopefully I can get their fellows painted up later this week.

Khurasan Lhurgg Tribemen

Three Headed Mutan Lhurgg

Nice ass!


  1. These would make excellent Janissaries for your Darghaur !

    1. Actually you are spot on Don. ASL has an Alien Enslaver faction as well. Similar to Tomorrow's War Darghaur and the show Falling Skies.

  2. They turned out pretty good if you ask me.

    1. Thanks Moody. I often set standards for myself that I cannot reach. At regular table distance they do the job. Thanks for looking.


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