Friday, 12 February 2016

15mm Sci Fi City

Now for something a little different.  Behold, my 15mm Sci Fi urban setting: Raccoon City.  It has many things to offer both residents and visitors.  Lets take a look.

Raccoon City
Welcome to Raccoon City.

Urban Slums...gotta live somewhere.

Enjoy the Riddel Theater (aka Peep Show), then head on over to Uncle Chen's for a bite to eat.

Pizza for the masses and the Hard Rock Café for the sophisticated.

Guns, guns, guns!  We have a special right now, buy one get the bullets free.

Can there be no safer place to live than beside an Arms Dealer?

For the sophisticated male there is always something to do to pass the time.

Had a little too much to drink?  No problem, stumble over to the motel for a nights sleep.

Every city needs some big unnamed buildings.

Of course there is more than one bar.  Variety is the spice of life.  BTW, "Tarantula" is playing at the Riddle.

"Drink Nuka-Beer!"

There is plenty of parking downtown.  Too bad no one can afford a vehicle.

The downtown core.

Need cash?  The Pawn Shop is always open.


more downtown.

The apartment buildings are from Old Crow (resin).   The other buildings are from Mad Mecha Guy (MDF).  Building fittings are from GZG.  Roads were made from hobby store wood.  All buildings were airbrushed.  Paints used were mainly Tamyia Dark/Neutral/Light Grey, Tamyia Medium Grey, Tamyia Hull Red and Vallejo Model Air browns.  


  1. Really great layout! Almost model train-like!

    1. Thanks Buckey. I am in this hobby mainly for the aesthetics to I probably put more effort into this than my wife would like.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Mike. You need to come by sometime with Joel for a Warhammer/Kings of War game.

  3. Such a bright cheery place, if it wasn't for those pesky mutant zombies it would be a great place to live! ;-) Great work as always!

    1. Urban slum with zombies and whores. What is there not to like? Thanks Don.

  4. Great how the paint schemes tie together all the different manufacturers into a unified whole.

    1. Thanks Paul. Tamyia paints are superb for airbrushing. They dry quick too which is nice.

  5. This is awesome! Where did you get the parking garage? How wide are your roads? Can you post pics with minis for scale?

    1. Thanks Carl. I will see what I can do with other photos. The garage is from Mad Mecha Guy. It is customizable, so you can add as many levels as you want. I went with three but it could be higher or lower. Most of the roads are made on basswood, from any hobby shop. I think they are about 10cm wide. The wood comes in different widths so it is really up to you on what you want.


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