Sunday, 8 January 2017

Tomorrow's War - DPRG Dear Leader I Heavy Tanks

In my previous post of the DPRG Motor Rifle Platoon, those forces were equipped with Khurasan Red Faction armor.  This however is not their normal vehicle pool.  Being somewhat fickle I tend to swap units in and out of armies (especially since I have well over 100 vehicles to choose from).  So, may I present some of the actual DPRG armor, in their full resplendent camo scheme.

Lets start off with the heavies.  These bad boys are from Combat Wombat, the Chieftan Heavy Tank.  They are featured in the Tomorrow's War rulebook as the Dear Leader I Heavy Tank, for the DPRG.  I am a sucker for canon, so as soon as I saw the Space-North Koreans in GZG and Combat Wombat armor, well that was enough for me.  My whole DPRG armor pool is painted in these colors. 

Dear Leader I Heavy Tank Platoon (Combat Wombat miniatures)
 The paint scheme was simple:

Vallejo Russian Green airbrush kit.
Vallejo NATO Black and Vallejo US Army Light Grey (Tamiya Green Grey works as a substitute) for camo.
Minwax Polyshades Tudor wash.
Matte sealer.
Tamiya weather kits (sand and light green) for highlights

Combat Wombat Chieftan tank (Dear Leader I)

Pintle machineguns from Brigade models.

Tank commander from GZG

Forward for Dear Leader!  Death to the capitalist American dogs!


  1. Bring it on you commie dogs lol, looking good I'm hoping CW gets his order page back up, seen the face book page but didn't see him taking orders .

    1. He said he just sold the whole range to another company. Sounds like a joint venture or something.

    2. I'll keep my eyes open then...thanks

  2. Combat Wombat will be back soon. 8^)


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