Sunday, 8 January 2017

15mm Halo Diorama - a Fathers Christmas Present

This Christmas, my 14 year old (Logan) presented me with a rather peculiar problem: he didn't want anything for Christmas.  Now, some background on him: he has ADHD and Asbergers, so his outlook on things is a bit different from the norm.  Additionally, when he says he does not want anything he really means it.

My wife really looked to me to fill the gift void this  year for him.  The only real hobby he has is Halo: games, books, lego, ect.  Sadly we have collected almost all items which could fall into this category.  So, I thought, is there something I could "do" for him.  Something that he could keep as a memory of Daddy (yes he still calls me this; he is very sentimental as well). 

What could I do.  I don't have many useful skills around the house, so building him something was out.  All I can do with any small skill is paint very small inert things.  Ah-ha!  I can do a diorama I thought.....a Halo one, with Spartans and Elites battling skirmish style, on some alien world.  So, off began this journey (around Dec 10 no less).

Step 1: The Case
The first thing was how to display it.  That was the easiest thing to find: a baseball collectors case off Amazon.  $50 with shipping.  Ouch.  It was just the right size: not too big and not too small. 

Step 2: Background
What kind of background to use.  Well Halo of course.  So, during my lunch hours at work I scoured the internet for Halo landscape pictures.  Eventually I narrowed it down and printed it out on a laser printer.  Trees and rocks were taken from my terrain collection (yay!).  It is handy having lots of stuff in the garage sometimes.  I used a piece of plasti-card as the base, flocking it with Woodland Scenics flock.

Step 3: Models
The models were an easy choice.  The GZG produces a line of 15mm figures which are a spitting image of Spartans: The NI Infantry line.  Two sets of 8 figures were only 5 GBP.  They arrived with one week to spare before Christmas.  Painting crunch time!  I washed the bare models in GW Athonian Camoshade (the green one) and picked out the other details individually.

Now, Covenant figures were a bit harder.  However, Daddy had a plan for this.  About a year ago I purchased a set of Tavshar aliens from 15mm uk.  They are very similar to Covenant elites.  I had not painted them up since they were only a test pack.  However, four models was all I needed.  Through random conversation my son provided me the color scheme to use for the elite: blue for regulars and red for a leader.  Weapons were done in the traditional Covenant Purple.

 The end result is this:

15mm Halo Diorama
 I left everyone unattached to the flocked base since, allowing Logan to reposition the models at will.

Spartans advance!


Covenant Elite

Covenant Elite Leader

Covenant Elites

Spartan with Spartan Laser

Logan told me it was the best gift he received.  Looks like I hit the mark on this one.  Not too bad if I do say so myself.


  1. Not bad at all bud, that's one that will be remembered and cherished by your son...well done!

    1. Thanks. Yeah, he collects things, especially rocks. His younger brother is also autistic, so with two special needs kids at home our life is always interesting. They might never leave home, which I am fine with.

  2. My late sister was also autistic as well as other heath issues, she stayed with mom till her late 40s. So I understand it's a hard road but in so many ways they are better than we quote unquote normal people, they have their on gifts, and they give them without expectation.

    1. So true Don. It is a real gift to work and live with these exceptional human spirits. I would not trade the experience for anything, nor would I wish my boys to be any different than what they are. You are lucky to have had one in your life as well. Good health my friend.

  3. WOW that is fantastic. Just came across your blog during a google search. Its is very good. Will follow closely.

    1. Thanks bud. Been awhile since I have been on here. Painting burnout.


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