Sunday, 17 April 2016

House Kurita Battlemechs - 6th Ghost Regiment

Following on the heels of Genyosha here is another former creation of mine, done quite some time ago: 6th Ghost Regiment, Draconis Combine.

Now, first off, these guys no longer exist.  This was my first attempt at white and despite them being almost 100% done I stripped them down at a later date.  Quite simply I was not happy with the technique I used.  I present them here as a "what could have been". 

They were done in Reaper Master Series Ghost White, then given a gloss cote and washed in thinned out black ink.  Then I glazed up the white with a lighter white.  I could certainly do a better job now, specifically since I use Vallejo grey washes (light, regular, dark) rather than thinned down black.

Anyway, that's about it.  These guys indeed now are a "Ghost Regiment".

Draconis Combine 6th Ghost Regiment, three full lances of battlemechs





Grand Dragon

Whitworth and Clint

Panther and Quickdraw

Jenner and Hunchback


  1. A very nice looking Regiment!

  2. That much amount of white is indeed tough to paint - I think they look(ed) great!

    1. My airbrush did almost all the work. White is indeed a bitch to brush paint. Airbrushes give the smooth finish that white needs to look good.


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