Saturday, 16 April 2016

House Kurita Battlemechs - Genyosha

Of all the factions in Battletech my favorite is House Kurita.  Who cannot love big stompy robots piloted by Samurai warriors? 

Anyway, the other week I finally finished all my House Kurita Battlemechs.  It was a long process.  I originally had done some up in Ghost Regiment colors, but I found white too cumbersome and difficult to paint.  So, I want with an easy scheme: Genyosha.  32 Battlemechs, 8 armored vehicles, 6 infantry platoons and three power armor squads comprise this force.  There is certainly no chance that I would ever use all of this in a Battletech game.  Alpha Strike is a different matter though.

I started with a base coat of Tamyia Dark Grey (airbrushed).  I then airbrushed on Tamyia Neutral Grey and Light Grey, at 45 degree angles to achieve (or at least try to achieve) a color modulation effect.  I then highlighted certain areas with Vallejo White Grey, denoting experienced pilots.  Cockpits were "jewelled" with Reaper Master Series Fire Red, Phoenix Red and Fire Orange.  I did apply some "pin" washes with Vallejo Dark Grey and Grey washes.  I was very careful in their application since I am not really a fan of the all over wash type of application. 

The models were finished off with Tamyia weathering pigments.  Decals were then liberally applied.  My Genyosha decals have not yet arrived to please excuse the lack of regiment markings.  Decals are, IMO, extremely important when modelling at this scale, and especially with monotone schemes like green or grey.  They provide a the pop necessary to an otherwise featureless piece.  The vehicles were recently done and have not had this treatment yet.

Almost all the mechs then had small labels made and glued on to the base.  This helps when teaching the game to new people since the number and types of mechs are daunting.  All they need now is an opponent to blow up.

Genyosha Regiment on Parade

Awesome and Shogun

Atlas and Cyclops

Guillotine and Catapult

Dragon I and Marauder 4X

Hunchback, Trebuchet and Cicada

Cicada and Vulcan

Spider, Jenner and Vindicator

Firestarter and Flea

Whitworth and Jenner

Hermes II, Clint and Grasshopper

Orion and Quickdraw

Quickdraw and another Dragon I

Zeus and Grand Dragon (I know it is not a Grand Dragon model, but I like this piece there!)

Atlas and Stalker

Banshee & Charger

Power Armor

Infantry Platoon

Scorpion Light Tanks

Behemoth and Ontos Assault Tanks

Manticore Heavy Tanks and SRM and LRM Launchers


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    1. Very nice as always! I myself was a House Steiner fan....)

  2. Fantastic collection - that is indeed a mighty mass of Mechs!

    1. Thanks Paul. Took forever to decide on a paint scheme. Funny how in the end I went with the simplest one possible (at least for me).

  3. 32 mechs, 8 vehicles and 9 infantry squads? Look like a short mech batallion with attached support for me. But painting is nice, so, as kuritan fan, I say "Coordinator-te Kurita, banzai!"


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