Tuesday, 21 November 2017

GZG UAV Grav Drones

GZG makes a great line of drones and UAV vehicles.  Last year I picked these guys up, to be used in my Alien Squad Leader game.  I figured they would be used in either my Mechanoid Army or Cyborg Enslaver Army, as floating weapon platforms or as robotic grav tanks/walkers.  I like to keep my options open.

The models are very modular, allowing for multiple weapon options.  I took them a step further and mounted two sets of weapons: plasma and missile pods, in an under and over fashion (normally the weapon is only mounted on the bottom of the model). 

GZG UAV Grav Drones
 Originally I painted these guys in my standard Sci-Fi Grey pattern.  However, this was before I had completed my Cyborg army, which was metallic.  So in the end I decided to repaint them to match the Cyborg Army. 

GZG UAV Grav Drone with Plasma Guns and Rocket Pods
 My standard metallic recipe: NATO Black, Tamiya Metallic Grey (I have recently changed to Vallejo Black Metal), followed by Vallejo Gun Metal and Vallejo Steel, all airbrushed at 45 degree angles.  Sensor eyes are my standard Reaper Fire Red Triad.  The model was washed in limited areas with Vallejo Dark Grey mixed with regular Grey wash.

This conversion was unplanned.  I buggered up this first model and had to put a rail gun on the top and the missiles on the bottom.  I guess he could be an anti armor/aircraft model.

Overall I am happy with the way they turned out.  They fit in perfectly with my Cyborg army and can be used as either heavily armored AI controlled Warbots or lightly armored Floating Weapon Platforms.

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