Tuesday, 21 November 2017

15mm Alternative Armies Asgard Space Marines

Another quick paint job I did the other week.  I have a ton of these old 15mm scale Space Marines, form the Asgard miniatures line, available from 15mm UK (now Alternative Armies).  These are very old sculpts, dating from the 1980s.  There are nine sculpts in the range, with three being flying power armor and 6 ground pounders.  Only give of the foot sloggers are shown since the sixth is so badly sculpted that I did not paint them up.  My guess is the mold is very old and in need of replacement.  Overall the sculpts are ok for their age.  Personally I found it hard to discern details on some of the figures.

Asgard Space Marines
 I originally planned to outfit these guys for Alien Squad Leader as an Imperial Strike Force, which is made up 100% of Power Armor troops and vehicles.  However I decided against this and they have sat in a box for ages. 
Full squad of 8 Asgard Space Marines

Anyway, the other week, while cleaning up my WIP area I decided to do something really unoriginal and paint them up as Robots/Cyborgs, simply to get rid of them and onto the table (like that ever happens).  I already have a ton of GZG Robots but these guys looked more like Star Trek Borg than Power Armor to me.  I did not paint up the flying sculpts since I didn't see the need.  Tamiya NATO Black, Metallic Grey and Vallejo Steel (all airbrushed at 45 degree angles to simulate a shading effect) were the only paints used, followed up by Army Painter Dark Tone Dip.  Reaper Fire Red/Phoenix Red/Fire Orange/White were used for the visors with the weapons being painted black..
It is certainly not the most original paint job but now I have another choice for Cyborgs other than my GZG Robots. 

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