Thursday, 22 April 2021

Warhammer Fantasy - Dark Elf Converted Cold One Knight

 I managed to paint this bad boy up the other day: a converted Dark Elf Cold One Knight.  The mount is from Ral Partha, and the GW metal Dark Elf fit perfectly on this monstrosity.  The mounts have been in my inventory for years (10 of them), but until now I did not have a reason to paint them or their Ogre riders.  That will likely change now.  Stay tuned.

Since Dino is so long I mounted him on a 100mm x 50mm base.  He can be used as either a chariot or as a unit filler of 4 models for Warhammer Fantasy or Oathmark (in a block of Cold One Knights of course).  I could have perhaps mounted him in a 50mm base, but the overhang would have been rather large on both ends of the mount.  That would have bothered me a lot.  I prefer models to have bases that are appropriate for their actual size. 

The paint scheme was simple enough:

  • Vallejo Model Air NATO Green Primer
  • Vallejo Model Color Lufewaffe Camo Green (airbrushed on)
  • Vallejo Model Color German Camo Bright Light Green (drybrushed)
  • Vallejo Model Color Golden Olive (light drybrush)
  • Reaper Stained Ivory, Yellowed Bone, Creamy Ivory and Vallejo Model Color Ivory for the horns
  • Vallejo Model Color Leather Brown for the saddle and straps, highlighted with Vallejo Tan Earth
  • Vallejo Game Color Earth for the sacks
  • Reaper Graveyard Bone for the skull
  • Vallejo Model Color German Camo Black Brown for the saddle fur
  • Any flesh color for the head trophy
  • Vallejo Model Color Mahogany Brown for the axe.
  • Vallejo Model Air Steel for all metal bits
  • I only used washes on specific areas: teeth and sacks.  My go-tos are Army Painter Soft Tone and Strong Tone for  most things, with GW Reikshade Flesh tone for mouths and gums.

I have added a shield to this fellow since taking these photos.  

Now, go forth and slay High Elves!


  1. the lizard and rider go well together. Great painting and photography! I'd like to see the whole army together...

    1. Hopefully this weekend I will get a group shot. It is big. 250 models.

  2. Wow, this one looks badass!

    1. The dinos are fantastic models. So many conversion possibilities. Plus they make great unit fillers in larger rank and flank games.


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