Monday, 17 April 2017

Warhammer Fantasy Army - Bretonnia

It has been awhile since I have posted anything.  To be honest the hobby itself has really burned me up.  Painting figures just for the sake of it and putting them into storage seems like a pointless exercise.  I plan to spend no coin on miniatures in 2017.  That will be a first in almost 17 years. 

The splendid forces of Bretonnia!
Down to business.  There are many figures which sit on display in my home which have never appeared on this blog.  I therefore present my Bretonnians, for Warhammer Fantasy.  The army consists of:

2 Heroes mounted on Pegasus.
1 Army Standard Bearer
3 Heroes, mounted on Warhorses
2 Heroes on foot
1 Green Knight
1 Damsel, mounted
2 Damsel, on foot
1 Damsel, mounted on Unicorn
20 Grail Knights
58 Knights of the Realm
8 Questing Knights
10 Mounted Yoemen
8 Pegasus Knights
1 Grail Relique
18 Battle Pilgrims
2 Trebuchet
63 Men At Arms
20 Peasants (from the Old 3rd edition Warhammer, could be used as filler for peasant units)
68 Bowmen (stakes included but not in photos)
10 Scout Bowmen (old Warhammer Robin Hood edition models)

Hero on a Pegasus

Hero on a Pegasus


old Citadel Peasants

Grail Relique

Men At Arms



Mounted Yoemen

Knights of the Realm

Grail Knights

Knights Errant and Knights of the Realm

Questing Knights

Knights of the Realm

Pegasus Knights

Pegasus Knights

Knights Errant
These chaps have not seen battle in years.  Perhaps some day a worthy opponent will attempt to batter down my drawbridge?

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