Saturday, 9 January 2016

Khurasan 15mm Space Demon Army

This week I finished (well almost finished) my 15mm Khurasan Space Demon army.  These guys are going to be used in Tomorrows War, Gruntz, Alien Squad Leader and probably a few more games.  As I have stated before black (and grey) usually looks quite bad in 15mm unless is it highlighted to the extreme.  For these guys I decided on a middle of the road approach.

The aliens were primed white, then airbrushed in Tamyia German Grey.  Then washed black and dry brushed with Reaper Snow Shadow and then Valljo Green Grey.  Drybrushing, IMO has an unwarranted stigma attached to it.  It is a very old and respectable technique that if applied to the right areas does a job that ordinary brushing either could not do or would take forever to accomplish. 

The Timonid minders of this horde are done in a similar scheme.  Their flesh is Reaper Olive Flesh (shadow, base and highlight colors).  I have yet to finish the Space Dragon and my Predaliens.  They will complete this horde once finished.

Alien Army


"We don't like your face.  We don't like your barn."

"I spit on your grave."


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  1. Nice Horde! I have a few of these also mixed in with aliens from various manufactures...killing bugs is fun!


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