Wednesday, 12 January 2022

15mm Sci Fi - Old Crow Provider Transports aka Space Trucks!

 Yesterday I had (you guessed it), more free time.  So I decided it was a good opportunity to finish off the last of my Old Crow vehicles, three wheeled Provider Transports.

Provider Transports deliver vital supplies to the distant US Marine outposts on the planet Glory. 
The fight against Space Communism requires a never ending stream of beans and bullets.

Join the US Star Marines and fight for freedom across the galaxy and defend against alien invaders!

There is a saying: Amateurs study tactics; Professionals study Logistics.  While its great to have tons of combat vehicles, transports and logistics vehicles are also very important (game-wise).  They provide excellent objectives, to both save, capture and or destroy, turning an otherwise boring meeting engagement into something actually interesting.

The ADATS (Air Defense/Anti-Tank System) provides protection against attacks from the Democratic People's Republic of Glory's aerospace forces (DPRG). 
Communist aggression must be thwarted!

The missile system is removable and easily replaced with cargo containers.

Ammunition must be unloaded and secured.  It will be used soon.  Medical bots prepare to load wounded heroes for return to rear area hospitals.  

The vehicles were painted in the same scheme as my US Tomorrow's War forces.  The blog post can be found here: 

The convoy CO oversees all aspects of the delivery.  
"Fuel and ammunition are needed!  Move quickly!  Hurry!"

The cargo pods are of course removable.  

Aerial Drones keep watch from above and beyond....

Another productive mid-week.

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