Tuesday, 11 January 2022

15mm Sci Fi - Old Crow 6mm Buildings

Last night I had some free time available (on a Monday no less), so making use of that I managed to bang off more of my WIP pile: several Old Crow 6mm buildings that I had lying around, specifically a habitation block and two communication towers.

Venturan Star Marines patrol the Endurium fuel processing plant on Hades III

    I have found that certain Old Crow 6mm buildings work very well at 15mm scale, specifically as both scatter terrain and as smaller specialized buildings (communication hubs, power units, ect).  Typically I paint these in my standard sci fi building pattern: Tamiya Medium Grey, highlighted with Tamiya Royal Light Grey and Vallejo White Grey.  

The buildings scale well enough, and many are modular so you can attach additional blocks if you wish.  

Warbots provide the squad with the necessary heavy firepower.

Endurium is vital to interstellar travel.

 Now I have to start working on the huge pile of Brigade Models vehicles and buildings that I got during their Christmas 2021 sale.  Stay tuned.  


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    1. Thanks Skully. It’s just something I threw together with some of the Old Crow 6mm stuff I have. You can never have enough tanks and other small stuff on the table for guys to hide behind.